Management of
business travels
in China

● Research and Selections
of factories and suppliers
in China

● Management & planning 
of your itinerary in China

● Arrangement of business appointments with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers
in China

● Hotel, train and domestic flights booking

From US$642/ €564

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Basic Business verification in China

€139 / US$158

This basic company verification, carried out on-the-spot in China, protects you and your company against the fraud and provides you with first information about the legal status, the licences, the reliability and the solvency of your future supplier in China.
The information about company registration, import and export licences is get directly from local government authorities in China.

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Product Quality inspections by well-trained inspectors a crucial step to assess and secure your imports from China








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Each customer is unique

Web Commerce Worldwide adjusts its offering to
the specific needs
and characteristics
of each enterprise
providing an optimal solution for each of them
while controlling costs.





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Sourcing in China

Secure your procurement
at the maximum
by buying from suppliers specially verified for you

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Our network of inspectors specialized by product range assists you in your approach to product quality through on-site inspections anywhere in China within 48 hours maximum

In order to ensure the safety of your products bought or manufactured in China, it is crucial that at least a product quality inspection was carried out by an authorized Chinese inspector.
Have a factory inspection performed before making the selection of your factory in China is also strongly recommended.

The product quality control  inspection protects you against significant risks not to be neglected such the risks of missing goods, poor quality, non-compliance of goods, non-compliance with international standards...

Most important, this product inspection conducted by an accredited Chinese inspector with both national and international certification enables you to get all the certificates required by European authorities, American authorities and others, to avoid custom problems, to prevent costly return of goods and  allow you to ensure your clients of a constant and reliable product quality.

A well-established presence in the main industrial regions of China since many years in partnership with our associated Chinese company  Sunchine International Co. Ltd, a well trained and experienced staff, a network of nationally and internationally certified Chinese inspectors experts in their field and familiar with both Chinese and overseas culture, an on-site intervention guaranteed within 48 hours maximum anywhere in China, a complete range of personalized services customized to your enterprise needs and specifications, a constant availability, quick solutions provided ensure that our clients receive what they have ordered.

Our activities in China are divided in three distinct business units:

•  Import-Export Consulting; sourcing end-to-end solutions; product research; purchasing management, imports follow-up; management of buying offices;

•  Quality Management; Audit, Quality Control and Inspection Services; Lab testing; certificates verification

•  Business Interpreting and Translation Services in 11 languages; Business Travel Organization, Planning and Management;  Business and Assistance Services at Canton Fair and other tradeshows in China.

Founded in 2005, our branch Sunchine Inspection offers a complete range of inspection services in China and is constantly expanding since its creation. Today, our highly qualified inspection team is present in more than 55 main cities in China, which covers almost all the important industrial regions in China.

Sunchine Inspection has become one of the best third party inspection companies in China and serves over 1200 regular clients from all the Continents in the world. In 2013, we have realized 28.000 missions of inspection throughout China.

Besides China, Sunchine Inspection also provides Social Audit, Factory Audit and Product Quality Inspection Services in some other Asian countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan.

Our clients are multinational companies, SME (small and medium-sized enterprises), international buyers, importers and retailers from all over the world, but also trading companies  and agents.

Our motto is 'Quality Guarantee before Shipping'. We only hire and employ highly qualified inspectors with both national and international certification and at least five years of practice of quality control in the industry they inspect. All our Chinese inspectors are very knowledgeable in their familiar fields and  understand well the existing differences between Chinese and overseas business cultures.

We started  a plan called "Inspector Position” five years ago. It means we arrange inspectors for you according to your product classification. This plan has been highly praised by our clients and has got remarkable achievements.

Sunchine Inspection provides you in China and in Asia with the same degree of comfort and control that you are accustomed to, when dealing with your domestic suppliers.

Our multi cultural team offers tailor-made management quality solutions in China and in other Asian countries, perfectly fitted with your needs, brand image reputation and profile of your company.

Quality controls, product inspections, factory audits, suppliers assessments, social audits are carried out according to highly recognized international standards and your own specifications and requirements anywhere in China within 48 hours maximum.

A product quality inspection normally takes only one-day.  A factory audit can also by carried out in one day but it can also take several days depending on the complexity of the check list sent by the client.

Upon completion of the inspection service, a complete and detailed report is sent to the client the same day or at the latest the day after the end of the inspection or audit service.

Factory audit and Quality product inspection report samples are available on request.

Our fees start at US $268.00 (Eur.235.00)  all-inclusive per man-day for a product quality inspection anywhere in China.

Our internationally certified inspectors well-experienced in their field are your eyes and ears in all over China. They make you save time and money and you earn in competiveness.

Please click here to consult online our inspection brochure, where we present a summary of all our inspections and quality controls services, that are detailed and itemized herein.


Production Inspections / Product Quality Inspection / Quality Control 

Quality controls and product quality inspections are realized within 48 hours maximum anywhere in China by professional Chinese inspectors certified at national and international level and experts in their fields. All are familiar with domestic and overseas business culture.

Quality product inspections are performed on-site inside the factory  according to the AQL standard  (acceptable quality level) ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2008 AQL (Default Level 2.)  and client's checklist. The sample inspection for acceptance is done according to a sampling plan. It allows our clients to define their quality tolerance level for their quality control.

The Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) for Normal Inspection defines the percentage defective acceptable. AQL describes what the sampling plan will accept, but it is also important to know what the sampling plan will reject. Information on what the sampling plan will reject is provided by the LTPD (Lot Tolerance Percent Defective) of the sampling plan.

On client's request, we can also carry out full-inspection.

Web Commerce Worldwide and his associated company in China, Sunchine International, are independent from the manufacturers, Trading Companies and other commercial middlemen in China. We have no ties with  suppliers and manufacturers in China or elsewhere thorough the world.  

We only represent and defend your interest in the factory as your own staff would do it. We inspect according to your instructions and / or sample provided. We guarantee a strict confidentiality to all our clients.

Our presence on the ground at all stages of the production is a major asset. It enables us to instantly identify the possible problems and defects that might occur during the production and bring a quick and satisfactory solution to them. This immediate action prevents further product issues or defects.

For each inspection, we immediately establish and send you a complete report of about thirty pages with many pictures, comments and feedback. This very detailed inspection report shows you exactly what our QC team has seen in the factory and enables you to accept or refuse a production in all full knowledge of the facts.

By working for clients coming from the five continents, our inspectors are regularly informed and know perfectly safety standards, national and international regulations of imported products.

Production Monitoring (PM)

Daily Production Monitoring (PM): One of our accredited Chinese Inspector constantly oversees the manufacturing process on site in your factory in China.

Detailed daily reports with pictures on quality and production status are sent to you by email.

This continuous Production Monitoring Service allows to spot any production problem or quality defect immediately. Our experienced highly qualified inspector helps the vendor to find the best solution to resolve the problem or defect quickly.
With this intensive production monitoring, you follow in real time the product quality and the production step by step; you ensure that the manufacturing process goes smoothly; you avoid unexpected costs and meet your requirements in term of quality, production schedule deadlines and delivery lead time.


First Article Sample Inspection (FAI)

First Article Inspection attests that all engineering, design and specification requirements are rightly understood, accounted for, verified, and recorded.

The inspection takes place at factory floor right after the manufacturer starts producing the first mass production samples. A complete, independent, and documented physical and functional inspection process is conducted.

Our inspector, expert in the field, verifies that prescribed production methods have produced a correct item as specified by engineering drawings, planning, purchase order, engineering specifications and requirements and/or other applicable design documents.

The first sample inspection is used as a quality tool for improving and planning the mass production.

The FAI helps you control and organize your production schedule and avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations, unnecessary reengineering work, delay and costs.

Upon completion of the inspection, the results will be examined thoroughly with relevant factory staff and management to implement all necessary corrective actions so that your production should be carried out smoothly.

Initial Production Check (IPC) also called Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) -( 1 visit)

The initial production check (IPC) is an inspection of all the machinery, raw materials, materials and components to be used for the smooth execution of your order.

Our accredited inspector checks if your factory understands and is capable to meet your requirements as regards quality, production capacity and lead times.

This inspection prior the production  prevents any potential production flaws  and ensures that the materials used are contractual and meet the standards of the countries of destination of the goods.

Our certified inspector, expert in the field, makes sure the manufacturing process is right and helps in taking corrective actions before mass production starts, avoiding unnecessary and costly product re-work in the making of production and lengthening delivery delay.

Lab testing services can be integrated in the IPC for quality insurance on material.


During Production Check (DUPRO) also called During Production Inspection (DPI) or In-process Inspection (1 or 2 visits)

The During Production Inspection usually takes place when at least 20% to 40% of your production is completed.

This inspection covers all the aspects of a quality inspection performed according to AQL standards: workmanship quality, raw materials, product appearance, weight check, size measurements, functionality assortment, accessories, labelling & logos, packaging, packing and other special requirements depending on the product specifications and the export market.

The During Production Inspection also checks the unfinished products and the compliance with the initial planning of production.

Our high-skilled inspector makes recommendations for production's processes and capacity.

During Production Check improves your control over production, permits the timely correction of defects and improvements in quality.

During Production Inspection is ideal for shipments of substantial quantities, product lines with continuous production, strict requirements for on-time shipments, and as a follow-up if poor results were found during the Initial Production Inspection. DPI makes it possible to provide recommendations on site, so that the quality is maintained throughout the entire production process.

Carrying out one or two inspections during the production is recommended when you are working with a new factory in China or making a first time order.


Final Random Inspection (FRI) also called Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) - (1 visit)

The Final Random Inspection (Pre-shipment Inspection) is the most important. This inspection checks and ensures the conformity of your final production to your initial specifications and international standards. It protects you against the risk of importing non-compliant products.

This inspection takes place when 100% of the production is finished and at least 80% of the goods packed in cartons. Our certified inspector checks in the factory the completed products, the packaging and the packing by sampling according to the AQL method  and your checklist.

Upon completion of the inspection an inspection certificate is issued if all the findings are positive.

If the level of noted defect is higher than the authorized level such as defined in your initial specifications, the entire batch is rejected. In practice a rejected lot will most often be corrected, and a second inspection paid for by the vendor will then be organized by our inspector.

Sunchine International is authorized to delivered an Inspection Certificate that is issued only if all the inspection results are positive.
You can link your payment to your supplier in China with the issuing of the Inspection Certificate.  

To benefit fully from FRI, it is recommended to stipulate the Sunchine International Inspection Certificate in the Letter of Credit and Purchase Order as follows: "Inspection certificate of Sunchine International Co. Ltd. certifying that the goods inspected, conform upon the agreed contractual specifications and/or reference sample."


Container Loading Inspection (CLI) also called Container Loading Check (CLC) or Container Loading Supervision (CLS) - (1 visit)

The container loading inspection takes place when filling the container. This inspection verifies that the goods delivered are compliant in all respects with your specifications (quantities, characteristics and quality) and are packed and loaded safely and securely.

The general state of the container, its process of loading and the installation of the seals are checked by our inspector to ensure you that your container is loaded in its entirety and in all safety.

Please note that for an accurate QC checks on product specifications, labelling & marking and testing, you should require a standard inspection, such as a Final Random inspection or DUPRO inspection.


Laboratory Testing / Certificates

Laboratory testing ensures that your importing products are in conformity to international regulations with complete content testing.

Components testing of some products such as cosmetics, food products, toys, household appliances, electrical cables, etc.., are necessary; for example: cadmium dioxin, phthalates, lead, pesticide residue, solvent residue, microbes and germs, irradiation, radioactivity, etc..

Our branch Sunchine Inspection is working with several accredited Chinese laboratories that realize chemical testing, mechanical testing, metallographic tests, corrosion tests, failures analysis, raw materials checking, etc. (EC, azo free, CPSIA, EMC, EN71, REACH, RoHS, UL, WEE, Care labelling…).

All components testing and the prototype tests are performed by internationally certified independent Chinese laboratories according to the strictest international and industry standards across all products, components, and materials.

Laboratory testing can be integrated in a product inspection.

We guarantee to you that the samples tested are drawn from your production by our inspector, and not from a selection chosen by the factory.

Sunchine Inspection guarantees independence, fairness and trustworthiness for whole inspection procedure, and is committed to be responsible for the result of our lab testing.


Checking of the real existence and of the reliability of enterprises in China

This service consists in verifying the existence and the degree of reliability of Chinese companies.
The Internet, despite its real and seemingly growing benefits to the researcher, still presents drawbacks when you decide to negotiate directly online with suppliers and factories in China. Indeed how can you check the data of your probable Chinese partner at several thousands of miles away from home?

The sites B2B such Alibaba, Made in China… as most B to B marketplaces, including the B2B websites based in Europe, do not check the inscriptions of their members. This has as consequences that many companies having no legal existence are registered on these websites. These companies, truly professional scammers, are very difficult to detect.

In the same way a beautiful website or a wonderful catalog or ISO certifications or yet the delivery of a perfect product sample do not guarantee to you the reliability of your factory or suppliers in China.

When inspecting factories on-site in China we have sometimes the unpleasant surprise to find a den or a garage of wholesalers with products of poor quality whereas their beautiful website showed a Chinese manufacturer that was advantageously presented.

Some of our clients, prior to use our services, were the victims of these companies "rip off" which made them lose much money.

With this checking service you first avoid scams and inexperienced vendors. And you also know if you are dealing with a retailer, a wholesaler or a factory.


Factory Rating

The aim of a factory rating is to determine within a short-time, whether the factory is capable to provide the product to the customer according to a defined quality.


Factory Audits / Factory Inspections

The aim of a factory audit is to confirm that your factory has the production capacity, capability and quality to meet your production needs. Our highly qualified auditors inspect the factory thorough fully. They carry out a comprehensive assessment of the production facilities and organization according to your specifications and the international standards in force.

The factory audits are carried out according to the requirements of ISO 9000 standards, a relevant set of internationally recognized standards for quality management.

Sunchine Inspection can customized factory audits to address specific concerns you should have and look more closely into specific areas of the factory that are critical to your project.

Factory’s assessment and evaluation in China includes the followings:

- Factory scale
- Factory capacity of production
- Factory performance
- Factory machinery and equipment
- Factory technicalities
- Factory know-how
- Procurement process
- Manufacturing process
- Quality control system
- Raw materials management
- Warehouse management
- Organization chart
- Facilities calibration
- Verification of the certificates, licenses and registration
- Sanitary conditions
- Working conditions
- Works training
- Works management
- Works appraisal

The appraisal report allows you to clearly make the selection of the Chinese factory best suited to meet your standards.

In a highly competitive market, the enterprises need reliable manufacturers and suppliers mastering the various aspects of production, design and product quality and meeting delivery requirements.

Our audits are conceived to assist the international buyers and manufacturers to collaborate and improve their performance by providing detailed results that clearly indicate the opportunities and strong sectors.

Our assessment and qualification services provide a unique and effective method to assist you during the various steps of your relationships with vendors such as selecting new suppliers presenting the best  innovation-quality-price ratio, reducing the numbers of suppliers to easily manageable levels, developing good relations between international buyers and vendors to improve the overall performance of your business.
For more details about our verification services in China, please consult our new webpage special supplier audits in China.


Social audits conducted according to SA 8000 standard

SA 8000 is based on the norms of the United Nations and the International Labour Organization (ILO). 

Social audit assesses the social dimension of a company regarding working conditions and environmental standards: work-hours compliance, safety standards, environmental standards compliance, health, wages, discrimination, disciplinary practices, child labour…


Proven Product expertise:

We only employ full-time, highly-qualified and accredited inspectors with national and international certification and having at least five years of quality control experience in the industry they inspect.

We provide Lab testing, Quality Control and Inspections service on all products and imports, including:


§        Bags and Cases

§        Building Materials & Decorative Materials

§        Chemicals

§        Computers and Communication Products

§        Cosmetics

§        Costume Jewelry

§        Cycles & Motorcycle & Scooter

§        Consumers Electronics

§        Digital products

§        Electrical Engineering

§        Electric Vehicles (electric bikes, electric scooter, electric car...)

§        Electronic and Electrical Devices

§        Electronic and Electrical Products

§        Electronics and Household Electrical Appliances

§        Food safety

§        Footwear

§        Garden Furniture

§        Gardening Products

§        Gifts and Premiums

§        Hardware and Tools

§        House ware & Kitchenware & Tableware & Glassware

§        Home Decorations

§        Household Items

§        HVAC and Energy

§        Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

§        Lightning Equipment

§        Machinery  & Industrial Equipment

§        Mechatronics

§        Medical Equipment

§        Medical Products & Hospital disposables

§        Office Supplies

§        Pharmaceuticals

§        Printing et Packaging 

§         Renewable Energies (wind farm, solar energy, solar panels…)

§        Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment

§        Sport, Travel and Recreational Products

§        Textiles and Garments

§        Toys & Plush toys & Childcare

§        Vehicles and Spare Parts


Chinese cities in where we and our Chinese company partner have our own well-experienced certified inspectors and controllers

Beijing, Dongguan, Foshan, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Heifei, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shaoxing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Tianjian,  Wenzhou,  Wuxi, Xiamen, Yantai, Yiwu…


We always welcome your inquiry.
Please send it by email to


How to work?
First, please send an email to specifying your requirements with the full detailed description of the services you are looking for.
If you prefer you can communicate with us using Skype where we always have a consultant online to advise you and to answer to your questions.
Our Skype ID is WebCommerceWorldwide Sunchine Inspection.
We analyze your request. Then we return towards you to clarify together all the points necessary to be able to offer you a tailored commercial solution fitted to your needs.
Once we receive your agreement letter, we send you by email a proforma invoice that will be considered as a binding contract.
We start our services officially after the full payment of our services by bank transfer.


Web Commerce Worldwide

Sunchine Business Office in Europe, also in charge of the clients from America and Middle-East
Manager: Regine Cataly


SKYPE  ID   WebCommerceWorldwide Sunchine Inspection

GOOGLE TALK   Regine Cataly


Associated Company in China

Sunchine International Co. Ltd.

Manager: François Shi

Tel:  0086-25-6809 3658 / 6809 3668
Fax: 0086-25-6809 3678
Mobile: 0086-189 516 33 559




Factory Inspection

Factory Audit

Social Audit

anywhere in China

within 48 hours

€288 / US$328

Pricing all-inclusive
in China

Other Asian countries
€376  - US$428

Our factory audits are carried out according to client's specifications and the requirements of ISO 9000 standards, a relevant set of internationally recognized standards for quality management.

The appraisal report of factory inspection allows you to clearly make the selection of the Chinese factory best suited to meet your standards.

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Product Quality


anywhere in China

within 48 hours

€235 / US$268
Pricing all-inclusive in China

Other Asian countries: US$358

All our product quality inspections are arranged in base of client's needs and requirements.
We quickly report any non-conformity and assist you in the course of the corrective actions.

A well-documented inspection report with lot of pictures is sent to you within the 24 hours following the end of the inspection.

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Business Interpreter

for Canton Fair and

 your business trips
in China

€175 per day

US$199 per day

Professional Translation
and Interpreting services
available in 11 languages


Product research

 Factories selection

all over China

pricing from

€443 / US$500

We commit to find the products that exactly meet your needs, specifications and requirements.

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Over-the-phone Service,
to check your suppliers
in China

US$68/ €60

per supplier's Tele-Investigation

discount offered for orders of
6 tele-investigation or more

You have some queries about your suppliers in China. You need a quick and professional reply. A highly skilled, experienced and well-trained consultant from Sunchine calls your suppliers in China and carries out over-the-phone investigations for you. A concise but complete tele-investigation report is sent to you the same day.

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117th Canton Fair

Phase 1:  15-19 April 2015

Phase 2:  23-27 April 2015

Phase 3:     1-5 May 2015

Assistance and Chinese/English
Interpreting Service
for Canton Fair

 from 525 / US $597