Each customer is unique

Web Commerce Worldwide adjusts its offering to
the specific needs
and characteristics
of each enterprise
providing an optimal solution for each of them
while controlling costs.

Product research

 Factories selection

all over China

Rates from

 € 443

We commit ourselves
to find the products
that exactly meet your needs, specifications and requirement

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Over-the-phone Service,
to check your suppliers
in China

US$68 / €60

per supplier's Phone-Interview

discount offered for orders of
6 tele-investigation or more

You have some queries about your suppliers in China. You need a quick reply. A well-trained consultant from Sunchine calls your suppliers in China and carries out over-the-phone investigations for you. A concise tele-investigation report is sent to you the same day.

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Basic Business
Verification in China
€139/ US$158

This basic company verification, carried out on-the-spot in China, protects you and your company against the fraud and provides you with first information about the legal status, the licences, the reliability and the solvency of your future supplier in China.
The information about company registration, import and export licences is get directly from local government authorities in China.

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117th Canton Fair 

Phase 1:  15-19 April 2015

Phase 2:  23-27 April 2015

Phase 3:     1-5 May 2015

 Support Service, Interpreter Service for Canton Fair

 from €525 / US$597

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Product Quality Inspection

anywhere in China
within 48 hours

€235 / US$268
Pricing all-inclusive in China

Other Asian countries: US$358

All our product quality inspections are arranged in base of client's needs and requirements.
We quickly report any non-conformity and assist you in the course of the corrective actions.

A well-documented inspection report with lot of pictures is sent to you within the 24 hours following the end of the inspection.

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We specialize in International Sourcing, import-export consultancy, purchasing management, quality management in China and also in E-Commerce since 1997. We provide you with all the business services and tools you require to achieve success in Import-Export Business in China and in many other countries.

Our clients are small, medium-sized and large enterprises located on the five continents. Supply and demand analysis and a constant presence on the ground allow us to select the best business opportunities for our business customers on the global marketplace.

We are dedicated passionate about online sales since more than fourteen years. We design, conceive, set up, manage and maintain professional websites and bespoke e-commerce sites  to sell on local, on national and international level. Our aim is to become integral to companies’ business success on the web. We provide a comprehensive, customized, dynamic and customer-focused service targeting consumer’s expectations all over the world. Our top priority is to manage a good relationship with each consumer and keep each of them satisfied and loyal to your products and goods. We appreciate that our success is dependent on your business growth.

In addition to our E-commerce services, we offer a complete range of import-export services to optimize your international trade operations. Our services in the field of import and export are divided into three distinct departments:

 - Import-Export Consulting, International Sourcing, Purchasing Management, Import Management and Follow-up,

- Inspections, Quality control, Audits and Quality Management in China

- Planning and Organization of business travels abroad, Commercial Translation and Business Interpreting Services in 11 languages.

Having a world-wide network of international business consultants, we verify your future Import-Export business partners on-site and seek out all types of products for you in France, in China, in Indonesia and in many other countries  (in Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America , Asia, Australia, Middle East ...). We select the offers that provide the best quality / price ratio and exactly meet your needs and requirements.

We handle the purchasing process end-to-end until the delivery in your warehouse in the United States or elsewhere in the world. Our top priority is to optimize and secure your purchases from abroad while keeping costs under control. We act as an extension of your own business in strict confidence. We represent and defend your interests only.

To maximize the safety of your imports, two steps are essential and crucial: prior verification of your trading partners and at least a product inspection performed inside the factory by an experienced inspector with national and international certification.

To this end, in collaboration with our specialized partners located worldwide, we carry out on-site business verifications, product research, quality control AQL, product inspections performed according the AQL method and your own specification by accredited inspectors, unannounced production checks inside the factory, production monitoring, company rating, factory audits and social audits (compliance with environmental standards, compliance with work schedules...).

In 2009, we have entered in a partnership with a well-established Chinese Company Sunchine Co. Ltd. who provides to businessmen from the five continents, all the tools and services they need to maximize the security of their purchases and production in China and to get the best Price-Quality ratio when importing from China.

We can post one of our internationally certified inspectors inside the factory in China throughout the duration of your production so that your production is controlled and monitored closely and continuously. We keep you inform daily of the progress of your production. Our inspection present in the factory helps your Chinese manufacturer to quickly resolve any problems that might arise during your production.

Together with our associated company in China, Sunchine International Co. Ltd., we offer to SMEs and SMIs that make regular purchases in China advantageous solutions for their buying and representation office in China. We can also rent you in Shenzhen and Nanjing fully furnished, equipped and staffed office space with a team of highly qualified experts at your own disposal.

We help you relocate or outsource part or totally your business activities in China or in other Asian countries.

We plan and organize your business trips in China at very competitive prices and provide you with trade fair services for Canton Fair and many other fairs and trade shows held in China throughout the year.

For your visits to fairs, your meetings and trade negotiations in China, we offer professional business interpreting and translation services in 11 languages ​​: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and Brazilian. All our interpreters are familiar with the important cultural differences that exist between the business culture in China and the business culture in the West.

We also conduct foreign market exploration and business missions abroad. We provide you concrete guidance in entering foreign markets.

Select Web Commerce Worldwide as service provider can be only profitable for craftsmen, designers, SME, SMME, manufacturers, producers, distributors and wholesalers, always in search of efficient, innovating and promising sales and buying channels.





Management of Business Travels
in Indonesia



Over-the-phone Investigation Service,
to verify
your suppliers in
Indonesia & Taiwan

€87 / US$99

In order to avoid our clients to be the victims of scammers or non-serious vendors in Bali, Java and Sumatra, we have setup a new of over-the-phone tele-investigation service of suppliers in Indonesia.

One of our well–trained  consultants calls the supplier in Indonesia for you, talks with him in Indonesian, asks him  effective and relevant questions and collects the essential information on the supplier.
A concise report is sent to the client the same day.


 Factory Inspection

Factory Audit

Social Audit

in Indonesia,
 Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam,
 Taiwan, Bangladesh,
 India, Pakistan

€376 / US$428

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 Product Quality
in Indonesia,
 Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam,
 Taiwan, Bangladesh,
 India, Pakistan

€315 / US$358

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Sourcing in Bali
and Java in Indonesia

Buy and produce safely
high-quality products
at great prices in Bali and Java
from reliable suppliers
without having to
order large quantities


Factory Inspection

Factory Audit

Social Audit

anywhere in China

within 48 hours

€288 / US$328

Pricing all-inclusive
in China

Other Asian countries
€376 / US$428

Our factory audits are carried out according to client's specifications and the requirements of ISO 9000 standards, a relevant set of internationally recognized standards for quality management.

The appraisal report of factory inspection allows you to clearly make the selection of the Chinese factory best suited to meet your standards.

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Sourcing in China

Secure your procurement
at the maximum
by buying from suppliers specially verified for you

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English-Chinese Business Interpreter

for Canton Fair and your
 business trips in China  

€175 / US$199
per day

Professional Translation and
 Interpretership services
available in 11 languages


Management of
business travels
in China

Travel in China package

● Research & Selections of factories and suppliers in China

● Management & planning of your itinerary in China

● Arrangement of appointments with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers in China

● Hotel, train and domestic flights booking

from €564 / US$642

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